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See more. Accomplish more. Move better. With the versatile Segway® PTs, your staff travel with comfort, ease and unparalleled flexibility, making all your applications streamlined and thorough.  Over 20cm of added height allows your crew to see and be seen, and its lightweight, easy-to-stow design makes it portable, compact and efficient when on the go. So whatever the needs of your business or facility, we will have a Segway® PT to meet them.

Why choose Segway®?

The easy-to-learn Segway® PT is a highly adaptable productivity tool for business. Feasibility studies conducted by customers have shown double-digit productivity gains. It makes workers faster, enabling them to cover more ground in less time. It increases their carrying capacity, reducing the strain of repetitive tasks and the costs of work-related injuries. The way the Segway® PT operates wille nsure workers retain the agility needed to manoeuvre in tight spaces.

And it has been precision engineered for virtually maintenance-free operation, resulting in even more long-term savings.

Since 1989 Display Force has specialised in the installation of Christmas decorations, displays and Santa settings in shopping centres throughout Southeast Queensland. We take pride in doing an efficient, effective and professional job in shopping centres ranging from giant multi-storey centres that stretch across several suburban blocks to small boutique centres. Our challenge is getting the job done quickly, in an environment that is shared by many competing interests such as cleaning staff, retailers and security, before the centre opens for trade in the morning.

Display Force has embraced many new technologies over the years, streamlining the business and increasing profitability. The portable computer, smart phones and battery powered tools have all improved how we work. However in my opinion, the most impressive innovation that I have used is the Segway® i2.

I first used the Segway® i2 during the 2018 installs and its impact on my business was immediate and profound. I was genuinely surprised, after some initial doubts, by the power of this machine to improve my productivity and efficiency.

Every aspect of my experience with the Segway® has been positive. From the excellent service and tuition that I received from Brett Walton at Segway® Queensland to the ease of use and brutal efficiency of the i2, helping me cover with ease and speed the vast distances that I am required to travel while working in one of Australia’s largest shopping centres.

The Segway® enabled me to redeploy three of my crew because I no longer required “gophers” to run errands. I was able to cover the entire centre from floor to floor, end to end quickly and be there personally to perform my job as manager without arriving at the scene exhausted.


Display Force