For Individuals

Take it indoors or outside. Go fast or slow. With a Segway®, all of your local transportation needs are men in one modern, balanced, intelligent machine. You can put some “green” into your daily routine with the ease and versatility of our environmental friendly transporters.

The first time we tested a Segway® was in Currumbin Wildlife Park, the 2nd was at O’Reilly’s on rough bush tracks and the 3rd time was on the beaches of Santa Monica – California, USA.

As we have found out, riding the Segway® x2 is like having big wheels on your feet, you can go anywhere effortlessly and quickly without getting bogged. Because we loved them so much, we decided to buy our first Segway® 3 years ago. We use this Segway® for not only fun but as a quick and quiet mode of transport through our 150 acre farm, instead ofusing our noisy tractor or 4×4 Jeep.

Since purchasing the Segway®, we have used it in so many activities such as grass and weed spraying, hauling rubbish bins up and down the main road and for checking our dams, fences and tracks after heavy rain and winds. All of these activities that used to take hours, now can be done within minutes.

After years of using our Segway® we decided to purchase another. Now we ride through large Brisbane parks, bush tracks and along the beaches of Queensland with our family.

Regarding technical matters, we have had only a couple of minor issues with our Segways®, therefore we would like to thank Segway® Queensland for attending to these issues promptly and in an economical way, even beyond the warranty time.

~ Carmel & Heinz Wersin

Using a Segway to spray and weed a property
Using a Segway on your property to haul bins
Having fun with a Segway on the beach

Ability & Mobility, not Disability with Segway …..

Disability, it takes many forms and for those that cannot safely use wheelchairs or scooters it presents a significant quality of life issue in getting around, something that the majority of people simply take for granted. So it was with much anticipation that Segway® mobility arrived on the scene in Qld. Its introduction, although not really focused on disability or mobility issues, for me has jumped my quality of life to a new level.  Before Segway® I was looking at early retirement as walking and distance was an issue, but now it is no longer a problem.  Whether it be at work in the office or enjoying the best of Brisbane at South Bank in the great Qld climate, Segway® has provided a safe and intuitively easy method of transport. I must thank the current government for a its proactive approach and Segway® Qld for their support.  I can now remain as an effective working member of the Qld community with a healthy engaged lifestyle.  The only problem is my wife wants one.

David Stephenson

I would like to thank you for supplying my Segway®.

I greatly appreciate all the information you supplied to me and your professionalism in answering all my questions about Segways®. I imagine you are a very busy business man, however, you always have the time to take my calls or call me back very promptly.

I find you are very customer focused and this was highlighted numerous times during the sale and supply of my Segway® to me in Canberra. I really liked the way you went to some much trouble and care in preparing, assembling and shipping my Segway® to me. I feel that you really care about your customers and also care about supplying an excellent level of service. Your customer caring ability also shone through with all the little extras you went to the trouble to do for me – example suppling a copy of the user manual amoung other things.

It is a pleasure dealing with you regarding the purchase and supply of my Segway®.

Garry McCurley